These are gifts that others have made for me, I wanted to make a place to showcast them all! Aren’t they gorgeous!! I will be adding base links on my links page, as soon as I can find who all they belong to! :(

*I apologize for the broken links in this page, it will be updated soon*

Jellica of NS!

Thlayli from NS!

Avatar by Foxeye, her site is in my links page. This is soooo Sabby! Love love love it!

Portrait made for me on Norrath’s Studios… Made by Zeltaria! This is sooo pretty.

Faeini from NS!

Kendi from Norrath’s Studios!

SlappyJones from NS! :) Her Site!

Yenearsair from Norrath’s Studios!

This one is from Adiene, OMG, she is so talented with 3D art… I hope to be as good as she is one day! /daydreams — Matching Magelo

This one was a trade with Orchid, she is a pixel artist on the Norrath Studio’s Boards I frequently visit! I will add a link to Norrath Studios on the links page!


Links to favorite sites!

Link back to me:


Signatures : Magelos : Desktops : Misc. Art

Most Recent Works

Blizzard or Sony copyright law(s):

I do not own copyright to any Sony or Blizzard screenshots and or models, however the art created using thier screenshots becomes my own. For usage of Everquest graphics, please refer to Sony Online Entertainment General Terms and Conditions Section 5, Paragraph B. (original document can be found here.) Portion taken from the official document (mainly concering artwork, alterations so on…): "SOE hereby grants to each EverQuest account subscriber that is in good standing and with the grant automatically revoked as of the moment that the subscriber’s account is no longer in good standing (an "EQ Subscriber"), a limited, personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable, nonassignable and fully revocable license to use (a) the EverQuest name, and (b) trademarks and copyrighted material from EverQuest including NPC names and images, diety and monster names and images, geographical names, item names and images, character names and images, background art, and screenshots containing any of the foregoing…"

May I use your artwork?

Please email me and ask permission first. Some of my artwork may be used for your own purposes. However, all commissioned pieces can not be used, since they are the property of the person who commissioned them. If you do choose to use a piece of my artwork, you may not alter it in any fashion, and I would greatly appreciate a link back to my site.

I noticed you have your website on my signature file, can I remove that?

I mark all of my art with my website address placed in one of the corners. You may not remove it. My site is there for many reasons, mainly to verify who made the piece. It is in a place that doesn’t distract from the artwork and in a complimentary color to go with the art piece.

Do you take requests?

Yes, I do! :) Click on the link to your left marked and place your order. Generally, it takes between 1 and 4 weeks for completion. I do not start until payment has been recieved. During the course of the commission we will correspond via emails, to ensure you are happy with your finished product.


Lady Sabreyn of Cazic-Thule

Commonly being called by Sabby amongst her friends; she is beautiful and embraces her regal heratige. On the exterior, Sabby has very delicate features; pale smoothe skin, her hair is spun of silver and her eyes glisten with the sheen of diamonds. Truly, a High Elf, with extraordinary taste and expectations. Sabby will not settle. She demands the best, from herself and those who choose to be around her.

Sabby spends most of her time with those she cares most about. Most times, putting other’s needs in front of her own.Her best friend is a quiet natured, strong, and very skilled druid, with a heart made of gold. Sabby admires him and thrives to be a little more like him each day. He is her mentor as well as her friend. If you were to see them together you can instantly see the blinding rapport that they share. They have a mutual respect and understanding of one another.

Sabby has many hopfeful suitors, wishing to spend thier evenings with her. Graciously declining thier offers of affection, she moves on her way. Her heart belongs to one (and only one) already, she keeps it hidden and locked away, this love she cherishes, and is terrified to let it be known for fear of having it snatched away from her.

eq000273.jpg eq000271.jpg eq000270.jpg eq000266.jpg eq000262.jpg eq000260.jpg

Contact Me




Pricing is as follows: All prices are in US Dollars. Currently accepting Platinum on Cazic Thule server, as well. Cash payments always have higher priority than plat payments. My plat rates fluctuate based on the going rate for plat on

  • Signature Only: $57 USD
  • Desktop or Magelo Background: $57 USD
  • Sig & Magelo: $97 USD
  • Sig, Magelo & Desktop: $137 USD

What you are getting for the above price: Your character rendered in Poser as well as a background / setting. The same render will be used in the additional images. If you would like two different but coordinating renders used in the artwork it will be an additional $35. (A sample of this is Daveon’s magelo and signature in my gallery.)

Additional characters / pets will be $25 extra to be added into a signature. If you need someone to take the screenshots for you (this will ensure the quality of the artwork) it will be an additional $10 and we will need to arrange a meeting time, etc.

Please also understand that when you place your commission you get two revisions for free, after that I do charge for additional revisions. I’ve done many many Everquest signatures and artwork and have many very happy customers, but due to the time it takes to complete the work, I can not offer endless revisions anymore.

Be aware that often I do have a waiting list, I will inform you of this once you email me.  Even if I do not have a waiting list at the time of you placing your order it can still take up to one month for the artwork to be completed depending on the complexity of the image being ordered.

I do not offer refunds. Please read my site, be aware of the time-span it will take. Once I recieve payment from you, I assume you have read my site, and know that it can take up to a month to get your artwork (if there is no waiting list, even longer if there is).

I will do my best to ensure that you are happy with your artwork, it is always my goal that would be 100% thrilled with the outcome.


Click on the link below to pay:



Elizabeth "Liza" Enlow-Duncan

Sabreyn Myr`Vaela (Sabby)

meirl.jpgHiyas, so this is where I talk about myself, huh?

Well, I’ll do my best. I was born in Louisiana and raised in Mississippi, and have been pumped full of those old fashioned southern values since a young age.

I now live in Toronto, with my beautiful three kiddies! I am a Leo, I tend to be pretty confrontational and opinionated. I am very hard working and put all of my effort into everything that I do.

Some of my hobbies include:

Playing with my kiddies!

Online Gaming- I have met so many people and a few really good friends via the games I have played. :) Currently I play both EQ and Warcraft- I am on Cazic-Thule and Alliance on Gilneas for WoW.

Artwork- I admire and appreciate art in all forms and have been dabbling in it for as long as I can remember.My truest passion is my artwork. I love it!


People who are eager, passionate about thier goals, and honest. Spicy Food. Traveling. Shopping! (Who doesn’t?) Reading. Spending time with my best friend in the world, Cory. Hanging out in EQ with my closest friends Getsomme, Villy, Lujayne, Daveon, Fenier, & Alaene. Frequenting my favorite message boards. TAC!! (there is a link to them on my links page~)


Books on Tape. Fake people. Overplayed music. Drama and chaos! L33T computer sp34k. Metal music. Two-Faced people. Lies. Tofu.